I focus on the way respect creates symmetry, empathy, and connection in all kinds of relationships, even those, such as teacher and student, doctor and patient, commonly seen as unequal. — Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

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Through Respect: An Exploration, we hope to discover new layers of understanding that can illuminate, inspire, advance, or even transform the human story.

Respect. It’s the Washington Way.

Common Book Author Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Explores Respect

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2012 Common Book Lecture on November 5. Author Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot discussed her book Respect, with a focus on curiousity, one of the six dimensions of respect along with empowerment, healing, dialogue, self-respect, and attention. Video of the event from UWTV will be available soon.


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The UW Common Book is more than a book; it’s also a gateway into a world of ideas in action. Start a conversation about Respect using the discussion questions provided here. Learn more about the people and places in the book. Or discover groups dedicated to building respect on campus and in the community.

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About Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot is a noted educator, researcher, author and public intellectual. She is a professor in the School of Education at Harvard University and author of 10 books. Lawrence-Lightfoot has received broad public and academic acclaim for her work, including a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.

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About Respect

Respect: An Exploration is a compelling investigation into the meaning and role of respect in our personal, professional, and civic lives. It is a beautifully written, approachable, and revealing book on a topic that will always be relevant to individuals and the work of the UW.

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About the UW Common Book

Since 2006, University of Washington entering students have received a book as a way of welcoming them into the UW’s extraordinary community of ideas and discovery.

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