You can’t show respect for someone else unless you are prepared to make yourself vulnerable. You can’t give respect unless you have the courage to say what you need from the other person. — David Wilkins

Student & Community Organizations

The UW Common Book is more than a book; it’s also a gateway into a world of ideas in action. Here, you can discover groups dedicated to building respect on campus and in the community.

Campus Organizations


Public Discourse


Anti-Racism & White Allyship Group
  • The Anti-Racism & White Allyship Group is a democratic collective that serves as a supportive space and resource for students, faculty and staff seeking to analyze racism and white privilege in an effort to make the classroom more productive for all.
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Bipartisan Coalition
  • The purpose of this organization is to engage in political discourse through the lens of commonality and bipartisanship, ultimately taking this post-partisan alliance into the community to philanthropically address issues of bipartisan concern.
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General Assembly
  • Provide a space for students, faculty, and staff active on campus to connect with each other, engage in democratic discussion, and practice collective decision-making and action.
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Bridges: The Interfaith Council
  • To reach out and unite religious communities on campus in order to work together toward common goals in service and education.
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Health & Medicine


Active Minds at the University of Washington
  • To raise awareness and support for mental health at UW.
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Bridges to Health
  • The goal of this center is to: 1) improve access to healthcare 2) reduce health disparities 3) raise awareness on important health issues 4) participate in health advocacy efforts.
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  • GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of the impoverished around the world.
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Humanities in Medicine
  • Provide a venue to engage the connections between the humanities and medicine amongst peers, staff and faculty and promote the value of a humanistic foundation to enrich the practice of medicine.
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Huskies United for Giving for Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Provide UW students an opportunity to get involved with and support Seattle Children’s Hospital through fundraisers, drives, and volunteer work both within and outside of the hospital.
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Student Health Advisory Quorum
  • We help the campus make informed, voluntary, health promoting behavior choices by creating events and collaborating with other campus health organizations.
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